~Specialising in art tours for the discerning traveller~

St James’s Art Tours was founded by Jane Angelini in 1998 and is renowned for its friendly approach and for reasonably priced but well planned cultural visits. Small, congenial groups follow a particular theme or topic, accompanied by a specialist in the field. All our lecturers are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm and skill in communicating their subject at every level of knowledge. They are also warm and welcoming hosts.

The aim of our tours is to provide a culturally enriching as well as an enjoyable and relaxing experience, hopefully in well-balanced proportion. We try to be as far removed as possible from mass group travel. Our approach is personal, the pace is relaxed, and visits and talks aim to provide real insight rather than an outpouring of facts.

Most of our customers hear about us from their friends and, in any given year, we have noticed that the great majority of the participants in our tours are repeat customers and that is the best recommendation we can report here!

We are now feeling more confident that the Spring tours for 2022 will be feasible and we are working on the programme. 

A new  on-line talks are starting on January 26th,  forming part of a series I have called "armchair travel`. Please look under the tab for Lectures.

                                                 Jane Angelini.  December 2021