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                                        TALKS 2022

The talks below were all broadcast and recorded in 2022 

Recordings are available. 

January 26: Silk Road Cities: part one the Road to Samarkand 

February 02: Silk Road Cities: part two Bokhara and Khiva 

February 16th : The Rise of Muscovy Capital of all Russia 

February 23: Moscow's Architectural Fantasy - 16th and 17th centuries. 

March 02: Journeys through Central Russia : Vladimir and Suzdal 

March 08:Journeys through Central Russia : Kostroma and Yaroslavl  

March 16:Journeys through Central Russia: Great Rostov, Pereslavl Zaletsky, Zagorsk 

March 23: To the White Sea : Exploring the Russian North

March 30th: To the White Sea : Exploring the Russian North part two 1

                                 RECORDED TALKS

About The 2020-2021 Lectures

During the strange pandemic months 2020-2021 I gave a number of on-line talks, some part of a series but all can be watched independently. The talks have been recorded and edited and details can be found under the tab Recorded Lectures, where they are shown sequentially, in the order given. The list below shows all titles and is divided into topics. For now all enquires should be made to jane@stjamesarttours.co.uk. Some of the talks are longer than others and range from 1 hour - 1:30  hours, with a break.

Women in History 

Venice and the Lively Contribution of Venetian Women

The World of Byzantine and Ottoman Women

Byzantium and Mosaics

The Glories of Byzantium 

Icon Painting in Byzantium and Russia

The Mosaics of Ravenna

Medieval Rome and its Mosaics

A Transcendent World: Byzantine Mosaics

Sicily the Kingdom in the Sun: Arab and Norman Sicily

 The Turks : Ottoman art 

The Turks: from Nomads to Sultans 

The Ottoman Paradise: textiles, ceramics and jewellery

The Perfect Picture: Ottoman Miniatures

City of the Heart's Desire : Ottoman Istanbul


From Vikings to Romanovs: Russia's Misty Beginnings

Moscow to St Petersburg: Peter the Great and his City 

The Age of Empresses: 18th century St Petersburg

An Imperial City: 19th century St Petersburg

The Great Russian Art Collectors : Tretyakov, Morozov and Shchukin

Russian Landscape Painting

Ilya Repin: Russia's most renowned painter of the 19th c

20th century Russian Painting: the Silver Age and World of Art

Russian Revolutionary Art and Propaganda

Natalia Goncharova 1881 - 1962