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Society and Small Groups Tours

We have many years experience in arranging society tours for Nadfas groups as well as other organisations. Some societies have used us for over a dozen trips. Whilst there is a temptation to opt for budget operators, advertising tours at very reasonable rates, these are not necessarily best placed to cater for the needs of arts organisations, which tend to want a specialist in the field as well as a professionally organised holiday, rather than just a cheap deal.

We also organise private tours for very small groups wanting the individual attention of a specialist guide. This is a privileged way to travel and has proved quite popular amongst our clients.

Society, or small group tours have been arranged to many varied cultural destinations within Europe. The most popular are Ravenna & Urbino, Ravenna & Venice, Istanbul, St Petersburg, Sicily, Rome, Florence and Libya.

When organising society tours we ensure that at all stages of the tour there is close communication between the society organiser, Jane Angelini of St James’s Art Tours, and our tour operator Millennium Tours. The details of the tour, price, hotels, airport, guide, itinerary, transport, numbers, publicity and so forth are carefully discussed and tailored to suit the society’s requirements.

We believe we have the recipe for a successful tour and are keen to mould individual tours in the right way. Any of our regular tours can be adapted, although we will not use cheap hotels that are not really suited to the needs of those who travel with us. We manage to obtain very good rates through our agents and believe that our prices are competitive for the style and standard of tour arranged.

For further information about group tours please email Jane Angelini at St James’s Art Tours.