Jane Angelini
Jane Angelini is the inspiration behind St James's Art Tours and is responsible for the planning and organisation of each tour, whether or not she leads it. She specialises in the cultures of the Mediterranean world - Classical, Byzantine, Islamic - as well as that of Russia. She graduated in Russian Studies and took a Masters degree in Byzantine & Early Russian Art & Architecture. As well as running St James's Art Tours she works as a free-lance lecturer for numerous organisations, including NADFAS, the Art Fund. and Swan Hellenic Cruises. She speaks several foreign languages and has translated works of 19th century Russian literature for Penguin Books and the Oxford University Press.

Mark Corby
Mark Corby is a member of the Institute of Classical Studies and the Royal Archaeological Institute. He has been a freelance historian for the last five years and lectures for the National Association for Design & Fine Art Societies as well as the Institute of Archaeology. He has been a guest lecturer and historical guide on several foreign adventures. He is also a researcher and presenter of TV historical documentaries.

Christopher Monckton

Christopher is an Oxford graduate, a linguist, and professional musician and cultural historian.Since the mid 1990's he has worked regularly as a freelance lecturer in cultural history to Fine Arts Societies, History Societies and similar clubs and groups in England and France, and has led cultural tours throughout Europe and beyond, specialising in Art, History, Architecture and the Classics as well as Music. He provides digestible and entertaining but nonetheless comprehensive commentary and contextual information to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of places visited and things seen  and makes an excellent travelling companion. 

Simon Monckton

Simon Monckton is a very experienced tour leader as well as having a remarkable knowledge of architectural history. He studied theology and has a special interest in the influence of contemporary theological ideas on Romanesque architecture and in particular on the emergence and development of the Gothic style, its buildings, decoration, glass and sculpture. He makes a very pleasant travelling companion and comes highly recommended.

Professor Robin MIlner-Gulland FBA, FSA

Robin  Milner-Gulland has a distinguished academic background and is is one of a handful of  Russian experts  to have explored the remote regions of the " Russian North " . He is a member of the British Academy and the author of a number of books on Russian Culture.

Dr Christina Hatzimichael

Christina is a tutor in Greek Archaeology at the Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning (LEARN). She specializes in Minoan Crete, and is co-director of the Praisos survey and excavation Project (Crete). She is Greek, but lives with her family in Cardiff.  She is a fluent English speaker and a very charming and enthusiastic tour leader.

Dr. Rosamund Bartlett

Dr. Rosamund Bartlett is a cultural historian who specialises in the intersection between politics, history and the arts.  Her publications range from books on Wagner and Tolstoy to articles on Verdi and art patronage.  Teaching and lecturing on early Russian culture has led her to develop a deep interest in Byzantine art and architecture, while her opera research has been supported by the British Academy and a Fernand Braudel Fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence.  She speaks several languages, is a published translator from Russian and Italian, and has extensive experience leading cultural tours throughout Europe. 

Gillian  Craig

Gillian’s family and professional life has led to worldwide travel. Born in Rome and educated in Italy, Switzerland and England, Gillian is bilingual in Italian, fluent in French and speaks some Spanish. After stepping down as Director of the BADA Antiques & Fine Art Fair London, Gillian now lives between London and Italy. She is also fascinated with Eastern Europe and has organised and led tours to Macedonia, St. Petersburg, Dresden, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, and Italy. As well as studying the history, art and architecture, she enjoys exploring the culture, traditions and local life and getting to know the character of a country.