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Zoom lecture:
The Turks: from Nomads to Sultans of Istanbul
Recorded: 1 Mar 2021
Jane Angelini

Nomadic Life
Nomadic Life    

When in 1453 Mehmet the Conqueror attacked and conquered the fabled city of Constantinople, he bought an end to over a thousand year's of Byzantine history, based on Greco-Roman traditions, blended with Christianity. Mehmed brought with him an entirely different cultural baggage based on Turkic, Persian and Arab traditions blended with Islam and the story of Ottoman art from the 15th century onwards becomes the story of the symbiosis of these two cultures. 

This talk looks at the historical and cultural roots of the Turks and their thousand year long journey to Istanbul. They originated as  nomadic tribes in the forests of the Altai gradually, either through migration or conquest, moving across the vast plains of Central Asia over the course of the first millennia. They began to convert en masse to Sunni Islam in the 7th century. Various branches settled in Central Asia, others  moved southwards into Iran and Afghanistan, and others westwards through Anatolia to Constantinople. Controlling  a region of widely varying cultural tendencies and traditions they drew upon these cultures to create a vast pool of knowledge which they then incorporated into the great cultural heritage of their homelands.  

Length 1 hour 

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