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Zoom lecture:
The Ottoman Paradise
Recorded: 9 Mar 2021
Jane Angelini
Price: £10.00

Topkapı bb unknown Orientalist
Topkapı bb unknown Orientalist     

Ottoman art appeals directly to the senses, creating a complete world, rather similar to the original meaning of the word paradise: an enclosed garden, consciously devised for relaxation and contemplation, with every suggestion of coolness and peace after heat, noise and dust – coolness of water and peaceful retreat in the shade of trees or tent; and where, amid so much agreeable occupation for the senses, time itself seems suspended. Ottoman decorative arts ravish the eye without taxing the intellect, their appeal is immediate and easily accessible.  The overall atmosphere created is always one of well being. Here we will be looking at, ceramics, carpets, silks and jewellery.

Length 1 hour  


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