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Zoom lecture:
Symphonies in Colour: the Mosaics of Ravenna:
Recorded: 21 Dec 2020
Jane Angelini

Church of S. Apollinare in Classe
Church of S. Apollinare in Classe    

The small and charming town of Ravenna on the north east coast of Italy played a pivotal role in the final decades of the Roman Empire as it vied with Rome and Milan for prestige and drew on Byzantium for inspiration. The surviving cluster of 5th and 6th century churches, mausoleums and  baptisteries contains some of the finest examples of early Christian art, a kaleidoscopic array of glittering wall mosaics. This was an art form in which the Byzantines excelled, producing examples of truly outstanding beauty in Ravenna, sometimes referred to as Symphonies of Colour. During this talk we will look at the technique involved in mural mosaic and the significance of the slowly evolving Christian imagery. 


Length:one hour and 30 minutes

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