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Zoom lecture:
Natalia Goncharova
Recorded: 4 May 2021
Jane Angelini
Price: £10

1907 Self Portrait
1907 Self Portrait    

At a time when huge strides were being made in the artistic communities of both Europe and Russia, and as dramatic social and political changes were ongoing around them, Goncharova stood as a woman driving forward a movement that defined 20th-century art. An early leader in the Russian avant-garde, Natalia Goncharova blazed a trail with her experiments in art and design. During her dazzling and sometimes controversial career she created paintings, sculptures and religious series, refusing to let gender define her artistic approach. She also worked on stage sets, illustrated socialist newspapers and designed dresses, using diverse sources and influences – from Russian folk art and textile designs to the latest trends in modernism.

Length: 1 hour

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