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Zoom lecture:
Medieval Rome
Recorded: 18 May 2021
Time: 11-12 am
Jane Angelini

Mosaic detail San Clemente 12th c
Mosaic detail San Clemente 12th c    

The shadow of the Rome of the Caesars and Emperors and of later Baroque and Renaissance Rome eclipses the Medieval centuries, however there are many treasures to be found in the shadows. The Middle Age was a turbulent, often desperate period as the Caput Mundi lost its preeminent position and the city gradually sank into increasing poverty, lawlessness, disease and general decay.The one thing that remained constant was the never-ending struggle and determination of the rulers of Rome - the Popes - to maintain the city under their control  as a universal centre of Christendom. The patronage of the Church led to many lovely artistic creations, many in mosaic. They are a reminder of something more permanent and of the enduring spirit of the Eternal City.

 Length:1 hour and 15 minutes. 

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