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Zoom lecture:
The Perfect Picture: Ottoman Miniatures
Recorded: 17 Mar 2021
Jane Angelini

Sulyeman Magnificent - detail
Sulyeman Magnificent - detail    

This is colourful, entertaining lecture which examines and enjoys miniature paintings created at the Ottoman Court in Istanbul during the glory days of their empire, when sultans were most keen to record history and above all their own place in history. The typical subject matter is portraiture, the stories of battles, vivid scenes of brightly coloured cities under siege, sultans riding or hunting with courtiers, or enthroned to receive homage under a bulbous floral tent, the occasion and celebration of festivals. They possess a quality of frankness, vitality and vigour which is not seen in other Islamic paintings. Brilliant, vibrant colours that seem to penetrate the eye, technical mastery leading to exquisite drawing, an appreciation of the perfect beauty of an occasion or a person, pungent detail, and an element of humour are the chief characteristics.

Length 1 hour 

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