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Zoom lecture:
The Role of Byzantine and Ottoman Women
Recorded: 18 Nov 2020
Time: 11.am
Jane Angelini
Price: 12


In this talk, which is in two parts I look at the city of Constantinople / Istanbul from the angle of women, not from a feminist point of view which is inappropriate to the period, but out of curiosity. Until recently history appears to be created by mostly men and written by men, women and their role in defining a society and its outlook is all too often completely overlooked. I will look at the propogated image of the perfect women and her role within Byzantine and Ottoman society and how this image was created. Against the ideal image I will then look at the reality, as far we know, of the lives of various different types of women thinking about matters such as how visible they were in public space, what if any were their legal rights, how important was the role of the state religion - Christian or Muslim- in defining and legalising the status of women, what were the different social strata of women and what were the employment options open to them. Most interesting in the overall context is the role of palace women, in both periods as it was here ,either in the Great Palace of the `Byzantine Emperors, or in the Harem of Topkapi, that women were best able to assert themselves and at times wielded enormous power.

Length 1 hour and 30 minutes 

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