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Zoom lecture:
Byzantine and Russian Icons
Recorded: 26 Nov 2020
Time: 11.am
Jane Angelini

The Ascent of Elijah
The Ascent of Elijah    

The talk explores the subject of icons in some depth, following the continuing evolution of the icon as an image in Roman times, as a sacral object in Byzantine times, as a decorative art form from the 17th century and as a major influence on early 20th century painters. It is a subject that some people may find strangely inaccessible, largely due to the fact that we tend to approach icons in the wrong way, applying aesthetic standards that have little to do with those relevant to them. We need to put on a completely new set of spectacles in order to begin to understand and appreciate the world of icons. It then becomes meaningful and very exciting. Anonymous icon painters have produced some of the most sublime paintings known to us.

Length:  1 hour 15 minutes

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