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Zoom lecture:
ILya Repin: Russia's most renowned painter of the 19th c
Recorded: 30 Jun 2021
Time: 11 am
Jane Angelini

The Barge Haulers, 1874 ( and detail)
The Barge Haulers, 1874 ( and detail)     

Ilya Repin ,1844 -1930 , is Russia's most acclaimed 19th century painter. Working within the parameters of Realism, he created heroic images of Russian life achieving a degree of pathos and insight that no previous Russian artist had matched, and which resonated across continents. At the same time, within Russia he operated at the edges of seemingly contradictory milieux. Like the French pioneer of Realism Gustave Courbet Repin focused on the nature and character of everyday men and women over and above the classical conventions of the Academy. Yet he also continued to produce more conventionally academic and patriotic work throughout his career, including portraits of great Russians, and genre scenes depicting key moments in the history of the nation. Nonetheless, it was Repin's deep sense of personal responsibility and empathy for the lives of the ordinary people he represented, as well as his prodigious technical skill, that ensured the greatness of his work, as well as tying it into a vital international development in the emergence of modern art.

Length: 1 hour  

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