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Zoom lecture:
The Glories of Byzantium
Recorded: 11 Nov 2020
Time: 11 am
Jane Angelini

Church of the Chora fresco
Church of the Chora fresco     

The centuries of Byzantine history span the medieval period and provide a vital link in the chain of world history. While much of the West was in deep decline Byzantium and especially,  mistress of the Mediterranean , centre of Christendom, was a symbol of wealth, power and cultural ascendancy. It was here, in the eastern Mediterranean that Christianity, took root and spread, giving us the architectural forms and imagery that are still a part of the faith.  We look at mosaics, frescoes and icons, opulent liturgical vessels in gold and enamel, silks, ivories, manuscripts and the centrally planned domed churches, designed as microcosms of the Universe. Many of the other lectures are linked, in a way or another, to Byzantium.

Length: I hour 

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